NS Environmental Act review

The note below is from from Sandy Hanson concerning proposed changes to the NS Environment Act.

From: sandyhanson1@live.com
To: fundy-aquaculture-concern@googlegroups.com
Subject: NS Environment Act proposed changes
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011

Hi All:

The NS Environment Act proposed changes are out for public comment due August 22nd. You can find it here: www.gov.ns.ca/nse

Please try to comment.

It looks like they are trying to give even more discretionary power to the Minister (which will mean no checks and balances); changing their definition of “adverse effects” so it does NOT include the citizens rights to have reasonable enjoyment, etc. of their property (industrial nuisances moving right into your neighborhood); Appeal process – not allowing court to review the facts.

These, among other things, are NOT good. Most of it looks like they are trying to increase their steam-rolling methods… One good thing: At least there is some mention of compliance/enforcement…

Please review and comment. (It is not a really long document.)

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