Protected lands comments sought

 A note from a TREPA member reminding us of opportunity to be heard.

As you may have heard, the province is attempting to protect 12% of all lands by 2015. Currently, they are looking for folks to participate in the “land review process.” You, or anyone you know, can do that by calling (902) 424-2117 or emailing and letting the government know you want to participate.

If you don’t want to be part of the land review process, but want to express an opinion, please do so. Simply send an email to that same address.

To know which parcels of land are up for protection, check out this map: As you’ll see, much of the suggested areas for protection are Irving owned, and properties that we hoped the government would buy back for Nova Scotians.

It’s not often that the lower echelon (you and me) get a chance to be included in decision making and I think the government is sincere in asking people to get involved. It’s worth making our views known.

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