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From the Bird Life International Newsletter

Thanks, Eric Ruff, for bringing this article to our attention.  Over the lives of long-term residents in the Yarmouth area, we have also seen changes.  Evening grosbeaks, grey jays, and boreal chickdees used to be common winter birds, but cardinals … Continue reading

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June 22 monitoring trip to C. R. K. Allen Nature Reserve

TREPA owns the C. R. K. Allen Nature Reserve at the north end of Gilfillan Lake near East Quinan.  The Reserve includes a diversity of threatened Atlantic coastal plains flora, including a major plantation of the Plymouth Gentian along the … Continue reading

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A little recycle hint

For what it may be worth you can: USE A BOTTLE TOP TO SEAL A PLASTIC BAG….. It is water proof and air tight, probably better than a twist tie or rubber band.

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Three views on aquaculture

TREPA News is a open forum dedicated to informing our interest group and keeping a record of fact and opinion on environmental topics.  Aquaculture is in the news and should be part of our coastal management strategy. Here are several … Continue reading

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Town and Municipality get started on climate change strategy

Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Workshops On June 14th at Town Hall and June 15th at the Municipal Building a team of students from Dalhousie met with local residents to begin mapping of assets that could be effected by the rise … Continue reading

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