Stewardship Opportunity with Nova Scotia Nature Trust

This in from Karen McKendry of Nova Scotia Nature Trust. Sounds useful and fun:

Hello fellow birders! Karen McKendry here, conservation biologist with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. If you are looking to support bird conservation even more in the province, please consider sharing your excellent birding skills with our volunteer program that relies on birders, called Bird’s Eye View…

The Nature Trust is seeking experienced birders to join one of our field-based volunteer programs, called Bird’s Eye View. These volunteers are asked to visit one or more of our Conservation Lands (there are now 91, found all over Nova Scotia), identify birds, create bird lists, then share them with us via eBird. This helps inform us of important areas for birds on our Conservation Lands, and is a vital part of caring for our protected lands. Occasionally, volunteers are selected to visit properties being considered for protection, and help to gather some of the first biological data collected for these sites.

Bird’s Eye View volunteers are part of the Nature Trust’s official network of volunteer supporters, and as such they receive an orientation to the organization, support from staff, and recognition for the valuable work that they do.

Make your bird lists count by joining the Bird’s Eye View program this spring! Contact to find out more or to apply to be a volunteer.

Karen McKendry
Conservation Coordinator
Nova Scotia Nature Trust

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