Free Rain Barrels for Home Assessment Participants

We in TREPA are very pleased to pass along the following announcement from the Clean Foundation’s Yarmouth Stormwater Program, which will start operating again this spring. “We” in the following announcement refers to folks in this program!

Clean Foundation’s Yarmouth Stormwater Program is a community-based approach to stormwater management that aims to raise awareness of excess stormwater problems. By engaging and educating the community through workshops, information sessions, demonstrations and one-on-one property consultations, we encourage individual actions to mitigate stormwater problems.

Property consultations are a large part of our work, and we are conducting them this summer. When you schedule a residential stormwater assessment, a member of our team will meet you at your home to view how stormwater currently affects your property and to recommend possible improvements.

The first 100 RainYards assessments will include a free rain barrel for use in collecting water.

Each consultation is absolutely free and includes a short questionnaire, a property visit and assessment, a personalized report and a brief follow-up interview. Any measures suggested are up to the homeowner to implement if desired – there is no obligation.

Please contact us to schedule a free property consultations – the appointment will be set to best fit your schedule.

We can be reached at:
Tel: (902) 420-7933

For more information on some common types of stormwater management measures, check out our infographic at

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