Positive environmental news from Union of NS Municipalities

From Jen Graham (EAC) through TREPA

I am writing to share some exciting news.  On Thursday, November 7th,   the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities  (UNSM)passed the following important resolutions:



BE IT RESOLVED that the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities request that the Province of Nova Scotia partner with municipalities to develop a Coastal Zone Act to recognize and protect the values of Nova Scotia’s coasts, and keep people and property safe from coastal hazards. The Act would provide clear objectives and guidelines for coastal development, supported or enforced by a clear and simple regulatory system.



BE IT RESOLVED that the UNSM support a province-wide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing until provincial and federal reviews have been completed that include extensive public consultation and full consideration of the potential human and environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing; and


FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the UNSM also call for dialogue between First Nations, federal, provincial and municipal governments on the impacts of hydraulic fracturing; and


FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that extensive public consultation and full consideration be given for protocols and procedures to address fracking water and the eventual disposal of this by-product through wastewater treatment plant facilities.

The passage of these resolutions demonstrates that Nova Scotia municipalities want the province to show leadership in protecting our coast and freshwater. 


For the full resolution text, please visit the UNSM website.


We know many of you showed your support for these resolutions by calling or writing to your Mayor and Council. Thank you for doing so!  We think it is equally important to say thank you to Mayors and Council when they do something we like.


We invite you to take a few moments to call or email your Councillor or Mayor to show you appreciate their support for coastal zone management and a moratorium on fracking.  We also think you should copy your MLA on your message since the municipal resolutions are calling for provincial action.    You can find contact information for your mayor and council on the web page of your municipality.  Contact information for MLAs can be found online here.

Our suggested message is as follows:

–      As a citizen,  I value water, and hope as my elected official you share my passion for water

–      I am very pleased UNSM passed the resolution calling for a Coastal Zone Act as well as a moratorium on fracking pending further review

–      Thank you for your work on these issues, and for your support!

–      We urge you to work closely with province, and with citizens such as myself in moving these things forward

We would love to be copied on any communication you have on these issues. Coastal@ecologyaction.ca

Thank you for your amazing support.

Yours in water,

Jen Graham, Coastal Coordinator

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