TREPA seeking summer student employee

TREPA has received approval to hire one student for nine weeks under the federal government’s Canada Summer Jobs program.

We are looking for a university student in environmentally-relevant fields with 1) Valid driver’s licence and access to a car at any time; (2) Familiarity with standard computer use (writing, internet, e-mail, data management); (3) Experience with canoe handling and transport; and (4) good at swimming.

Duties: (1) Assist in collecting water quality data from selected points within the Tusket catchment, and perform related analysis and reporting; (2) Assist in performing migratory fish counts on the Tusket, based on computerized video and camera images; (3) Assist in maintenance and monitoring at the C. R. K. Allen Nature Reserve; (4) Assist in developing public education materials related to the Nature Reserve and riparian buffer zone management, and other issues; (5) Assist in converting paper green maps to Open Green Maps; (6) Assist in developing plans to increase participation by young people in the organization; (7) Development of a brochure to educate the public in the need to protect riparian buffer zones; (8) Updating of the TREPA Policy and operations Manual; (9) Other duties as prescribed by the TREPA Board.

Resumes are to be attached to application, are to be in .rtf format, and are to include references with contact information. Applications are to be sent by e-mail to, and are due by June 21. Only those selected for interview will be contacted.

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