TREPA cleans up….. again

Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up September 22.

For a number of years TREPA has been cleaning up the Kelly’s Cove shoreline. We chose this popular beach because it is the estuary of Broad Brook, the stream that runs through the middle of the town of Yarmouth; its protection is one of our projects.

In spite of iffy weather 7 people gathered 9 bags of trash and got wet, one getting extra wet by falling into a seemingly bottomless, smelly marsh hole. Lesson learned: do not venture into the treacherous marsh grass even for that last Tim Horton’s cup!

Including the five lobster traps and a carpet, the estimated weight of the trash was 460 pounds. TREPA reports all the data to the Vancouver Aquarium for use in education campaigns.

We were happy to see a big decrease in garbage collected over the last few years. Some present concerns are uncut strapping (forming a loop for sea critters to get caught in) and multitudes of rope bits.

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