Minutes of May meeting

These are unapproved minutes. For changes, if any, see future minutes.

TREPA Minutes

May 1, 2019

The meeting of the Board of Directors of TREPA May 1 at 7:05 P.M. our Main Street office.

Present-BarrieMacGregor, John Sollows, Mike Raynard, Roy Fudge, John Morris, Nicola Roberts- Fenton and Ginny Smith.

Regrets: Dianne Klomp, John Linder, Jean Cleveland, Eko Raharjo, Debbie Sullivan, Dan Earle and Jennifer Cunningham. 

Guest-Leslie Robinson

Approved Agenda-One item added. Moved by Roy, 2nd by John M. Carried.

Approved  Minutes– Moved by Roy, 2nd by John M. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report-Dianne not able to submit.  Very little activity this month.  It was generally agreed that from now on the financial report would be on activities up to the end of the previous month ie  in June the report will be to the end of April this provides a more realistic time period for the treasurer to get a report together. Approved by board.

Old Business:

1.Water quality-Water sampling starts for new season.  A few samples are in.  Water is high in the Carleton, going down quickly on the Tusket.  

Andrew Sinclair (Dept. of Environment) received John’s report on water quality.

2. Summer jobs-we have been given 1 job for 9 weeks.  Clean Foundation position more likely, but not yet assured.  John is asking for $ from MTRI to help cover associated expenses.

OP Eds –None this time, but Barrie does have someone coming to his property Thursday, May 2 to look into the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid issue and consult on how to treat trees.  An e-mail was sent by Abby Lewis (MTRI) to those who attended the session at Barrie’s earlier in the year asking those who have seen HWA in stands to fill in the winter survey.  She reminded us to tread carefully starting in May due to the fact that the HWA egg sacs will start hatching at this time and be on the move.  The phone number to call is 902-682-2371.

  1. Buffer Issues-Ties into the MTRI issue.
  2. Lobster Draw -$389.75 made so far on tickets sold.
  3. Free cycle-3 ½ tables of items and 1/3 of equipment left.  Considered successful.
  4. DFO kiack sampling, two students have started. Students will submit time sheets every Saturday and be paid every 2 weeks.  Samantha Fullton is supervising.  Checks will need to be signed by two signing authorities.
  5. DFO Coastline Project-Probably won’t be funded.
  6. Municipality re Dayton issue-Regarding PAC-Jim MacLeod reported to Barrie that the PAC did have an April meeting and that our letter was read. Roy was unaware that the meeting took place.  The next meeting will be May 21.  
  7.   AGM-April 17, meeting went well and speaker gave an interesting presentation.
  8.   Boomerang Bag update-We have been asked to move out of the 3rd floor into a storage space on the 2nd floor. YETT has an MOU that states that this was to be a gentleman’s agreement between YETT and SNBRA but the fine print suggests we could be moved at any time.       


1.   Eko sent an e-mail expressing concern over Northern Pulp and the Indonesian owners.  He sent a letter to the Inverness Council that has since backed down and is no longer supporting the mill.  It appears that Boat Harbour will be closed next January.  In the meantime, the Minister of the Environment has been changed.  Our new minister is D. Wilson from Digby.  He may have a different approach.

2.   Morris Lloyd, a consultant with the Municipality, who is currently acting as Town Planner’s, asked John to meet regarding sub division regulations.  He is concerned about the way subdivisions are regulated.  It is hoped that the municipality will change the regulations or land use by-laws.  Mr. Loyd will meet with John S. and Roy regarding the issue at town hall May 7, 2019 at 9:30.

3.   We have been asked to renew our charity status-Barrie will take care of it.

4.   Leslie Robinson was given the floor to discuss his concern regarding climate crisis and the IPCC report, suggesting that humans must reduce the CO2 emissions thereby reducing Global Warming by .5 degrees centigrade from 2.0 to 1.5 degrees within the next 11 years.  Journalists and politicians have focused on the adaptations we can make, rather than what we need to do to make substantial change.  He gives TREPA cudos for addressing the water quality concerns specifically with the Tusket River.  We have said that we were the go to organization for environmental issues.  Larry concurs that we are focused on adjustments as compared to making significant changes.  Leslie gave examples of what he was discussing (Extinction Rebellion Group): challenge politicians to tell the truth, organize groups to challenge journalist’s coverage, to challenge politicians’ policies, and to expose other groups to form.

The board agreed to invite an Extinction Rebellion speaker, Judy Green, to Yarmouth to give a public presentation and perhaps arrange for her to speak at the Yarmouth high school and other local schools as well.

Global Awareness should become a regular item on our agenda.

5.  May 4, Saturday starting at 9am Tusket River Bridge on Wilson’s road (between Wilson Road and Canaan and Springhaven ) and work towards Rte 308 continuing one Kilometer down the Curry Road .    

Next meeting June 5, 2019.

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TREPA AGM and Other Upcoming Events

The Annual General Meeting of the Tusket River Environmental Protection Association will happen at the Lake Vaughan Fire Hall on Wednesday, April 17 at 7:00 P.M. Come early for snacks and coffee. Guest speaker will be Lesley Farrow of the Kespukwitk Conservation Collaborative.

What’s that all about? Come and find out!

Our annual Freecycle is scheduled for Beacon Hall on Saturday, April 27. Drop off used, electronic items between 9:00 and 10:00 and pick them up for free between 10:00 and 11:00.

Garbage pick-up Saturday, May 4, starting at 9 A.M., weather permitting. Start at the Tusket River bridge on the Wilson Road (between Canaan and Springhaven), and work toward, Highway 308, Springhaven (where we’ll drop it at the corner), then work one kilometer down the Curry Road.

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Lobster Draw Tickets

This sheet if tickets may be printed and distributed or used by you. To enter just print off the sheet. Fill out information and mail to TREPA, Box 103, Tusket NS BoW 3M0.

Cost is $1 per ticket or 6 for $5.

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Minutes of April Meeting

TREPA Minutes

These are unapproved minutes.

April 3, 2019

The meeting of the Board of Directors of TREPA April 3, at 7:05 P.M. at Beacon Church location.

Present-BarrieMacGregor, John Sollows, Dan Earle, Debbie Sullivan, Jennifer Cunningham, Dianne Klomp, Mike Raynard,  Jean Cleveland, John Kearney, Roy Fudge, John Morris and Ginny Smith.

Regrets: John Linder, Eko Raharjo, and Larry Deveau.  Bryan Mood has moved.

Guest-Nicola Roberts Fenton (nrobertsFenton@gmail.com) .

Approved Agenda-John M and 2nd by Jean C.

Approved  Minutes– Moved by John M., approved by Roy.

Treasurer’s Report-Dianne circulated the Treasurer’s Report-A Donation was made to Nature Trust, Board Insurance was paid, Volunteer Organization Bennovel has been paid.  Roy asked how or if we could eliminate the liability GST/HST of $4000 in our budget.  Jen has not found the form.  Barrie suggests that the form can be found online. 

Dianne moved the adoption of her report.  Roy 2nd it-approved.


  1. Water quality-Municipality has $22000 according to John. Likely we are good to go. John will send requests to the municipalities.
  2. It appears that Brad Fulton’s position on the PAC  will not be filled.  His municipal position has been filled temporarily.
  3. Application to Clare has been sent for water quality monitoring.
  4. OP Eds -Barrie will work on having something to offer next time. 
  5. Summer Jobs-Clean Foundation –We have 4 applicants.  We hope to hire a person for the Eco Action job, but we may not have the funds. That is yet to be determined. 
  6. Shoreline Buffer Issues-The municipal units have received the spring letter (Clare, Argyle, Yarmouth).
  7. Lobster DrawCarl’s Store-April 19, 10-12- Friday (Ginny & Barrie) and 12-2 (John M. and Barrie); Saturday 10-12- John M & Barrie)//12-2- Aurel  and Barrie.   Carleton Store– April 27-12-2 //Carleton River 7am Roy & Barrie.
  8. Eco-Action-No news
  9. DFO Coastal Restoration-No news
  10. Municipality re Dayton issue. Notice of the issue has gone to council but not yet to the PAC members.  It was agreed that a letter should go to PAC via John Cunningham.  John S. will write this letter.  We may need to engage a member to take water samples to sample minerals, petro chemicals, heavy metals.  Barrie will connect with West Nova Labs. 
  11.   AGM-April 17, coffee to be made at 6:00 and people can arrive at 6:30. New members: Nicole Roberts Fenton, Oliver Richard, Elliot MacDonnell and Derrick Ryerson .
  12.   Barrie will circulate info regarding Wooly Adelgid monitoring  for anyone going into hemlock stands .
  13.   Debbie S showed the Burn movie again, April 3, at the library.  He encouraged those who were present to try to get them to go to the web sight.


1.   Tusket River kiack sampling-Alec Cunningham has accepted the supervisory position but we need three people.  ($14.50/hour).  They must work in pairs in the afternoon.   Interested people should get hold of John Sollows.

2.    Free Cycle-Usable electric materials to be dropped off at 9:00am and given out at 10:00.   Ginny and Dianne will help.

3.   Pay Roll sheets will be needed for the Tusket job. (10 weeks: mid April to June).

4.   Derrick Lesser will pass on information about TREPA activities to students in appropriate clubs.

5.   Argyle garbage pick up May 4, Wilson Road 2K and Curry Road -1 K.

6.   Dept. of Environment is still doing reports on mink ranches working and closed farms.  We can fill in a form and take it in to the department.  Acadia University students are doing a study on the gulls that still circulate the mink farms.

   Next meeting AGM, April 17, 6:30.

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See the movie… get information

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