TREPA’s Shoreline Buffer Zones brochure

Feel free to copy and distribute this informational brochure.

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Announcing Nature Art and Writing Contest

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Protecting Migratory Birds

Message forwarded to TREPA concerning a matter of interest to our members.
———- Forwarded message ———
From: Bev Wigney <>
Date: Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 12:02 PM
Subject: Migratory bird protection petition
To: <>
I have just set up a petition on  It is calling on  Minister Jonathan Wilkinson to establish a protected period (singing season) for nesting migratory birds.  Please consider signing and please share in and outside of Nova Scotia as it applies to all of Canada.
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TREPA AGM – Online – June 17th

TREPA Annual General Meeting

Due to group gathering restrictions the TREPA AGM will be held on-line this year and you can join us. We have set up Google Meet format to meet at 7:00 pm on June 17th. The agenda is below. If you would like to attend this AGM please contact Barrie MacGregor at

and he will put you on the notification list with instructions. Basically, on the night of the meeting you just click on the invitation and go from there.

It is also time to renew your Membership. Send $10 to TREPA, Box 103, Tusket NS, BOW 3MO. Membership will allow you to vote at the AGM

TREPA Annual General Meeting Agenda

June 17, 2020

Via Google Meet


Guest speaker – Jason Hollett, NS Dept of Environment

  1. Welcome  – Barrie MacGregor, TREPA President
  1. Minutes of AGM April 2019
  1. Financial Report
  1. Budget 2020-21
  1. Executive Director’s Report – John Sollows
  1. President’s Report/Message – Barrie MacGregor
  1. Election of Officers
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Silent Season in our forests

Over the next few days, you’ll be hearing more about the need for a
SILENT SEASON to be established here in Nova Scotia.  What that means
is that there would be a “time out” during peak bird nesting season —
an official period of time when forestry MUST CEASE its logging
operations to allow birds to nest and raise their young so that they
are fledged and ready for their impending fall migration. No longer
should they be subjected to being disturbed and destroyed by forestry
operations. Other creatures would also benefit from this quiet time –
mammals could raise their young without being terrorized by loud
machinery hacking down the forest around them.  Young amphibians in
vernal pools and streams in forests would have a chance to develop
before being pulverized beneath the wheels of heavy equipment.
Turtles would be less likely to be crushed as they cross roadways to
make their way to nesting sites to lay eggs.  It would be a WIN for
all creatures.  It would also help to prevent devastating fire events
like the one that happened earlier this week and doubtless left many
nests, eggs, and birds charred amongst the smoking carnage.

What can you do? NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK UP!!!  It is important to
send a clear message to the politicians of this province that we are
FED UP with the lousy way that nature is being treated.  WE WANT

What all of us need to do is start sending emails, letters, making
phone calls, writing to news websites, posting on social media, and
doing whatever else we can to say, NO MORE!  NO MORE DESTRUCTION!
This is a list of MLA email addresses.  Please join me in sending
emails over the coming week as you hear more about the call for a
SILENT SEASON in the forests of Nova Scotia.



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