Nowlans Lake information requested

The photo below of Nowlans Lake in Digby County has been floating around on the web for several days. This lake is in the Meteghan River watershed and may be found on Page 71 of the Nova Scotia Atlas. Highway 340 runs along its east side.

The green colour is suspected to be a result of high levels of nutrients forcing plant and algae growth. It is interesting that it is the only lake in the system to have these conditions. Why does there seem to be no down stream impact of nutrient overload if that is the cause?

The lake has a relatively small watershed. The land uses within it are easy to identify. This would seem to be a good case study for the Department of Environment to conduct as factors are limited and testing of water quality and condition quite easy.

If anyone has further information on this lake, its setting and condition please feel free to note them in the comments section. On ground, on site, observations would be particularly useful.

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