Protected areas: more information requested

Several weeks ago we put out a request to members for information on sites that are being suggested for inclusion in Nova Scotia’s protected areas. (See posts of August 8, 2011) We were interested in personal knowledge of proposed sites and personal preferences for inclusion in a final list. This is the list we have received updated to August 26, 2011.

We will probably need to narrow this list for our final report and would like your input to the process. Do you have personal experience with any of these sites? Can you add photos or justification for their inclusion? Do you see some as more important than others. Do you have sites in mind that we have not listed? Please let us know your thoughts.

You may reply to Dan Earle (

#1:  Abrams River: large salt marsh (too many have been drained)

#53:  Bowers Meadow South: endangered Atlantic Coastal Plains Flora

#85: Barrington Lake: threatened Tubercled Spikerush, Eleocharis tuberculosa

#102 and #465: Both are adjacent to Crow Neck Beach which has recently been protected by the NS Nature Trust. The trust is still in the process of possibly adding more land to the protected area. Having adjacent protected areas is a bonus.

#114:  Dunraven Bog:  an important headwater area on the Queens-Shelburne county line

# 173: Gridiron Falls. was canoeing there a few days ago and found what I think are either Plymouth Gentians or pink choreopsis on the slice that’s in mid-stream between the run and the other shore. Old growth forest around it. Historic forestry area.

#235:  The Lower Tusket:  will help mitigate impacts from  elsewhere in the catchment

#261:  Blackadar Brook: should protect a good chunk of Clare, including parts of the Carleton, from further polluting development

#322: Porcupine Lakes:  should protect a good chunk of Clare, including parts of the Carleton, from further polluting development

#347:  Roseway River: important catchment area.

#348:  Round Bay:  relatively remote shore; piping plover habitat.  Protection from ATV’s? A splendid beach and estuary.

#378:  Silver River/ Carrying Road Lakes: important catchment area headwater. Includes New France, an historic site.  Intuitively, my first priority.

#379: Sissiboo River:  important catchment area

#381 Sloanes Lake: coastal zone flora present; backup water supply for Yarmouth

#402:  Swaines Road and Port LaTour Bogs: (endangered Thread-leaved sundew)  Drosera filiformis

#417: Tidney River NE: important catchment area headwater

#418:  Tidney River NW: important catchment area headwater #421:  Indian Fields: important catchment area, for the Roseway

#422:  East Branch Tusket River: important catchment area; minimize impact from nearby past and possible future mining activities

#425:  Jordan River: important catchment area

#428:  Napier River: important catchment area

#441:  Tusket Islands: important area for migratory birds; extremely productive marine area, crucial to many fisheries.  Several members support this area choice.

#455:  Lower Silver River: important catchment area

#465: West Baccaro Bog: (endangered Thread-leaved sundew) Drosera filiformis

#462: Wentworth Lake

#509: Makes an extended wildlife corridor to the protected lands on Purgatory Point.

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