Minutes of July Meeting

These are unapproved Minutes from July meeting. See future Minutes for possible changes.

TREPA  Minutes

July 3 2019

The meeting of the Board of Directors of TREPA, at 7:06 P.M. at Main Street location.

Present: Barrie MacGregor, Mike Raynard, Dan Earle, Jennifer Cunningham and Ginny Smith (John Morris-late).

Regrets: Roy Fudge, Dianne Klomp, Debbie Sullivan, John Sollows, Jean Cleveland, Larry Deveau and Eko Raharjo.

Guest –Alex Cunningham

Approval of Agenda –Moved by Jennifer 2nd by Mike.

Approval  June Minutes-Moved by Jennifer 2nd by Mike.

Treasurer’s Report-Circulated prior to meeting by Dianne Klomp


  1. Water Quality Monitoring

Upper four lakes in Clare- Eko has volunteered.  It is hoped that MacKenzie will be able to assist him.

John S.  circulated Spring report on testing done on Carleton lakes with comparisons going back to 2014.

2.   Op Eds-None this week

3.   Summer JobsStudent hired and has started.  John S is asking if we have any work related ideas for student.

4.   Lobster Draw-Winner Roland Nickerson was finally contacted.

5.  The regular meeting of PAC will be July 16.   There is a separate meeting between Victoria and her staff with Ann Jones (July 10 or 11).  Ann has asked that TREPA member be present given that we have similar views. Barrie has agreed.

6.   John S.  provided quotes on the cost of hydrocarbon monitoring.  The board members present at the meeting suggested we should wait to do any testing and propose that testing be done by the Department of Environment.  It is a gamble to do testing on our own as we have no basis for comparison and the money required to do the testing is expensive. 

7.   It was agreed to support the one-year extension of palaeolimnolgy project. Moved by Mike, 2nd by Jennifer.

8.  Barrie agreed to help Mackenzie learn more about Hemlock Adelgid and is actually having a treatment done to his trees this week.

9   There is a new Protocol for testing blue–green algae.  Andrew Sinclair will be looking for volunteers to help do testing.  This should be something that Mackenzie can do.   


1.   Healthy Forest Coalition-Barrie has been getting a number of letters from several organizations regarding healthy Nova Scotia forests.  He will keep us posted but can not respond to all of them.

2.     Mackenzie-it was suggested that she might use social media to help promote TREPA.

 3.     Bills-acknowledgement that John S. is to be paid $1000.00

4.   One membership paid–

  5.   Duly noted that the hall way and door are indeed blue and look quite presentable.

   6. There was a post meeting session to select new executive –Barrie has contacted individuals involved.  Adjourned 7:40

Next Meeting-August 7, 2019, – 7:00.

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