Complete the survey… do your part

Belle Hatfield is involved in the local efforts to support the Georgetown conference — Rural Redfined, which is set to take place in PEI in October. This initiative of Newspapers Atlantic seeks to press the reset button to reframe the discussion on the future of rural communities in Atlantic Canada.

The vanguard is sponsoring at least one delegate going to the conference and a couple other people, including two people from Argyle, will be attending. They would like to broaden input from this area beyond the experience of a few delegates. One way of capturing the community’s concerns and observations is through a survey.

In advance of the conference they have prepared the following online survey. You can view it here:

Please participate and let your views be known.

This is coordinated with Pam Mood’s efforts to rally people in Yarmouth County. The idea is to get as many as these surveys in circulation in advance of the September 11 rally as possible to jump start and begin to frame the discussion.

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