Potential Summer Job

TREPA anticipates engaging up to two students through the Clean Foundation. Terms would run from May 13 to August 23; pay would be $13.25/hour, based on 35-hour weeks.

Funding for these positions is not yet assured, but interested candidates need to apply by Tuesday, March 19.

Details follow:

Job Description – Clean Leadership 2019 Program

Summary of the Program

The Clean Leadership program (formerly Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corps or Youth Corps) was established in 1989 to provide Nova Scotian youth with training and employment opportunities in the environmental field. This program engages community partners across the province to hire students to carry out work in the summer months that fosters environmental stewardship. The Clean Leadership program provides Nova Scotian youth with green sector work experience, an enhanced appreciation of the environment and their community, and develops skills for life-long learning (including team-building and leadership skills, increased knowledge for future employment and/or education ventures, program evaluation techniques, and the ability to give back to their community and their environment.

Job Title : Buffer zone facilitator

Summary of Position
The community partner for this Summer Student Intern position through the Clean Leadership program will be (Tusket River Environmental Protection Association), reporting to (the TREPA Executive Director). In this position, you will be mainly responsible for (outreach to shoreline property owners, including conducting public meetings and one-on-one outreach; assisting property owners in developing their buffer zones and facilitating other changes to shoreline management, as decided by the owners; water quality sampling and monitoring; data-collecting and reporting on all of the above). The successful candidate needs to have (some background in environmental science; a sincere desire to help property owners address water quality issues and genuine respect for the decisions owners make; willingness to work flexible hours as per schedules of property-owners; ability to swim; knowledge of canoe handling an asset; ability to manage and analyse data an asset; students with allergies to insect stings are not encouraged to apply.

Community Partner
TREPA is an volunteer-driven environmental NGO which addresses environmental concerns primarily in the Tusket catchment and Yarmouth County, mainly through education, research land acquisition, and advocacy. In recent years, various issues related to fresh water quality have received a large part of our attention and action. The office is located in the town of Yarmouth.

Duties and Responsibilities
— Participation in initial training, orientation, and project planning
 Planning activities with specific communities
 Working with TREPA/SNBRA staff in community meetings and ultimately facilitating community meetings in up to ten communities
 Working one-on-one with riparian property owners to consider and plan changes and assist in implementation of the changes
 Water quality sampling and monitoring
 Data-collecting related to outreach and water quality monitoring activities
 Reporting on all aspects of work, including evaluation of the assignment
Other tasks as assigned by TREPA Board

List specific requirements and minimum qualifications required to successfully perform the job. These are the qualifications that are necessary for someone to be considered for the position.
The requirements below are a must, do not delete:
 Must be a Canadian citizen or legally entitled to work in Canada;
 Must be between the ages of 15 and 30;
 Must be a full-time student and intending to return to school in fall 2019;
 Is not a member of immediate family of community partner;
 Have an aptitude for safe work practices and the ability to multi-task in a busy work environment;
 Be able to work productively as part of a team while responding to feedback;
 Demonstrated interest in future employment in the environmental or ‘green’ sector is considered an asset;
 Ability to swim; knowledge of operating a canoe an asset

Working Conditions
Will include outdoor work along shores of lakes and watercourses in hot weather; exposure to stinging insects, leeches, and ticks is quite possible. Water quality sampling will be done out of a boat or canoe.

Physical Requirements
Ability to swim essential for safety reasons; ability to handle a canoe an asset; physical demands are moderate, but should be able to handle a spade or shovel

Questions? Contact John Sollows at nhungjohn@eastlink.ca or (902)-742-2802. E-mails work best!

To apply, go to https://clean.ns.ca/employment/ , and scroll way down. These jobs are listed at “15 week-Tusket River Environmental Protection Association- Buffer Zone Facilitator.” If you’re interested, go to the bottom of the page and click “Apply now to be an intern,” and compete your application by Tuesday, March 19.

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Minutes of March meeting

TREPA Minutes

March 6, 2019

The meeting of the Board of Directors of TREPA March 6, at 7:05 P.M. at Beacon Church location.

Present-BarrieMacGregor, John Sollows, Jennifer Cunningham, Mike Raynard,  Jean Cleveland, John Kearney, Larry Deveau, Roy Fudge, and Ginny Smith.

Regrets: John Linder, Debbie Sullivan, Dan Earle, Dianne Klomp and Eko Raharjo.

Approve Agenda-Jean asked to add a point to the agenda under #1.  Moved by Michael, 2nd by Larry, approved by board.

Approved Feb. minutes Moved by Michael, 2nd by Larry.

Treasurer’s Report- Not available at the time of the meeting, however, it was sent and was missed by the secretary.  The report has been attached. 


  1. Water quality-Jean and John are both on the Carleton River Water Quality Monitoring Committee. Jean believes that any time there is an environmental issue being discussed, TREPA has to take a strong stand within the committee and that written report that comes from TREPA have to leave no question regarding TREPA’s point of view.  John has said that he has taken Jean’s comments into account and has modified the report accordingly. The final report is not ready yet, however, John has circulated the modification.  Jean stated that the final considerations are the ones that count the most when the public reads the report.  The next steering committee will be meeting at the end of the month. (John notes that there is a very close relationship between the amount of rainwater, water run off and the colour of the water which leads to the possibility of greater blooms).  Jennifer wants to be certain that the Dept. of Environment is still monitoring the mink industry. Barrie will check on this.  John S.  will address this issue.
  2. A Public Information article on Riparian Zones has gone out to the municipalities for their newsletters.  There were positive responses from all except one staffer who considered the article a piece of lobbying.  Councillors have addressed this issue with the staffer and emphasized the value of  the services that TREPA provides.
  3. It was agreed that a resolution in support of strengthened provincial protection for shoreline buffers and enforcement of the Forests Act Wildlife Habitat and Watercourses Protection Regulations be sent to Councils of both the Municipality and the Town of Yarmouth.  Action:  Barrie and John.
  4. OP Eds-None
  5. Summer Jobs-Clean Foundation approved the grants but all of our involvement is based on whether or not we get funding.  SNBRA will help with funding.  We can sign the contract with the proviso that our funding comes in.  John S.

5.  Lobster draw-Barrie will be at Carl’s store for two days Friday and Saturday. Barrie and Ginny will sell tickets there.  The Carleton Canoe Rally is April 27,  Roy will sell tickets there.

6.   The letter related to residents and businesses in Dayton area, has not yet been responded to by the municipal council. The letter to Municipality of Yarmouth and the response will be discussed next meeting.  It was also mentioned that excavation for a building can be done before a permit for building has been given. 


We will be addressing issues where we have not had a consensus.  Letter to Municipality of Yarmouth will be discussed next meeting.  


1.   There may be another area to be developed near a lake, at the old Y property. The individual who bought the property wants to develop it. We hope to encourage the municipal council to enforce the Riparian Buffer Zone.  We need to make a request to make a presentation to the Planning Advisory Committee.  It appears that the By Law needs to either be revised to take into account the Riparian Buffer zone or the enforcement needs to be addressed.  (By law 426).  We will prepare a presentation.  It is worth noting that John Cunningham is the Chair of the PAC.  

2.    Bills-Volunteers of Canada- we owe- $125.00

3.    AGM-booked and guest speaker accepted the invitation.

4.    Ground truthing –We have been asked to send photos of ecologically endangered areas and species to i-Naturalists.

5.   If we give Nova Scotia Nature Trust a sum of money, it can be quadrupled by the federal government before March 31,2019.  Since we are required to donate to other not for profit groups, Nature Trust seems like a good candidate this year.  We agreed that we would donate $500 to Nature Trust toward the purchase of Seal Island.  Moved by Roy Fudge, seconded by Michael Raynard. Passed.   Next Meeting Wed. April 3, at 7pm Beacon Church.

The nominating Committee met briefly after the official meeting ended.

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Visit Boomerang Bags – Yarmouth


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Clear cut protested

See URL to get full story.

The local climate—to block a clearcut

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Minutes of February meeting

These are as written but yet to be approved minutes.

TREPA Minutes

Feb. 6, 2019

The meeting of the Board of Directors of TREPA Jan. 6, 2018, at 7:05 P.M. at Beacon Church location.

Present-BarrieMacGregor, John Sollows, Jennifer Cunningham, Mike Raynard, John Morris, Jean Cleveland, Debbie Sullivan, John Kearney, Dan Earle, Larry Deveau, Roy Fudge, Dianne Klomp and Ginny Smith.

Regrets: John Linder, and Eko Raharjo

Approve Agenda-Approved after additions –three additions Barrie( AGM/Tickets) and Debra-Lifestyles).

Approved January minutes Moved by John M. and 2nd by Mike R.  Approved.

Treasurer’s Report- Dianne gave a report in summary: received $80.00 in donations, $500 in stipends, (Balance at this time $1099). A check will be sent to Joint Stocks.

Barrie asked that a year to date column be added to the report as well as an end of the fiscal year summary and the annual budget.  Moved by Dianne to approve treasurer’s report, 2nd by Roy.


  1. Water quality- John S is working on completing the water quality reports for 2018.  In general he notes that colour is down which seem to be related to lower amounts of rain fall in June and July.  This will make the lakes more vulnerable to blooms.  Blue –green algal data are helpful in terms of species composition  but the absolute numbers are approximate.

2.   Received $650 from Adopt a Stream, Dec.  17.

3.  Op Eds- None to date

4.   During the past month John S has had about numerous funding applications to fill out.   Three students were requested from Canada Summer Jobs.  Two of them  to work under the auspices of Clean Foundation, and  one as a regular TREPA summer student employee.  The Clean students would work primarily to support the Eco Action project, and a separate application also had to be sent to Clean.  Supplementary funding (40% of the salaries) was also requested from  Nova Scotia summer Skills program.  In general there were too many uncertainties with this process, and it needs to be improved in another year.

5.  Shoreline Buffer Issues-The Eco Action project should make a difference in the distribution of information- if we get the grant.

6.   Boomerang Bags project has been launched at the Killam building.  We have learned that Dollarama is selling cloth bags as is Staples.  All of which is a good sign that businesses are starting to support the end of one -time use plastic bags.   Barrie said he would take a few bags to give away.  John offered more material.  We will be giving bags to retailers who do not have their own bags. 

7.   Leslie Farrow may be willing to join us at our AGM.  John S will contact.  See below.

8.   DFO- John has not heard back from Shana as of yet.  Charlene LeBlanc would be willing to cooperate.

9.   Objectives-discussion- We seem to be acting on our objectives but they also appear to be the ones that were least popular at the time of the vote. 

Barrie will ask Derek Lesser if he has any suggestions on reaching high school students.  One of our goals is to include more students in our activities.



1.     Property Tax Assessment-Our property assessments are the same as inpast years  so we will not be contesting the amount.

2.    Naomi Goldberg from Nature Canada has asked us to write the Prime Minister to help protect 17% of Canada’s crown land especially areas where the environment is key to the survival of multiple species at risk.   It was agreed that a formulated letter from Nature Canada will be sent to Prime Minister Trudeau. John S. A brief history of the organization was provided by John K. in an e-mail to members after the meeting.

3.   Hemlock Wooly Aldegid- Discussions ensued on how to record information about a sighting.  (Re: Using Cameras, recording longitude and latitude and other information about location).  It was also suggested that we make note of areas where there are hemlocks that are not affected by the HWA.

4.   Lobster draw-John S. will circulate the page of tickets. The draw will be May 25.

5.    John S. sent a letter to the municipal council regarding a business in Dayton.  John S will follow up with John Cunningham.    Apparently the building itself is legally situated.  At some point all such facilities should be located in the industrial park. However, there are other concerns regarding a near by business site which has been sold for other purposes.

A representative from the Department of Environment told John S. that they would respond if the business became a problem. 

Barrie suggested that we wait until next month to see if we do get a response from a council representative. It was suggested that a visit might be paid to the owners of both sites about TREPA’s concerns .   Others thought it would not be advisable to speak to owners.  It was decided that we should go through official channels.t The Municipality can change their list of permitted uses without changing zoning laws.  Barrie will get a copy of the by-laws and see how they apply to this situation.

6.      Bills-Workers Com. (Just gets filed for now).  Dianne has a bill from Registered of Joint Stocks and will pay.

7.    AGM-The meeting usually falls in the middle of April,  –the 17th is the date this year, at the Fire Hall.  Leslie Farrow, of Kesputwitk  Conservation Collaborative will be asked to speak. John S.

8.    Life style show- May 3-5-Do we want to have a table?  Is there a special rate for not for profit organizations?  Debbie Sullivan will try to get a table  in conjunction with Clean Foundation:   info@clean.ns.

9.  Dan asked that everyone go on the TREPA sight become aware of new posts.  Anyone who does register will get a reply from Dan.

10.  NS Power is going ahead with the Tusket Damn rebuild.

11.  The meeting with the Annapolis Clean Water (CARP) group on Stormwater will be March 12, 6:30-7:30 at the museum.

           Next Meeting March  6, 2019, Beacon Street,  

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