Summer Employment Opportunity with TREPA

The Tusket River Environmental Protection Association has received approval from Service Canada to hire one student. The job will run for nine weeks from June 25 to August 25, 2017. The student will work 35-hour weeks at a pay rate of $11.00 per hour. We are looking for a university or college student pursuing studies in an environmentally-relevant field with (1) valid regular driver’s licence and access to a car at any time; (2) familiarity with standard computer use (writing, e-mail, internet, data management), (3) experience with canoe handling and transport, and (4) proficiency at swimming.

Applications are limited to Canadian citizens, permanent residents or persons to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, who were full-time student during the previous academic year, and who intend to return to school full-time for the next academic year and are between the ages of 15 and 30 at the start of the employment.

Duties may include any of the following:
(1) Assistance in collecting water quality data from selected sites throughout the Tusket catchment in cooperation with Carleton River Watershed Area Water Quality Steering Committee;
(2) Assistance in maintaining and monitoring the C.R.K Allen Nature Reserve and newly-acquired lands on Great Pubnico Lake;
(3) Review environmental and health effects of tidal power projects, and summarize in a carefully-referenced report ;
(4) Review effects of undersea petrochemical exploration and exploitation on marine organisms, especially commercially-exploited species, and summarize in a carefully-referenced report;
(5) Review literature on the sources and health of ground water resources in mainland Nova Scotia;
(6) Subsequently, review provincial legislation and strategies related to management of ground water, and summarize the findings in a carefully
referenced report, which recommends how TREPA can proceed in encouraging strengthened protection;
(7) Review Nova Scotia municipal, provincial, and federal protections for shorelines, with priority given to lakes and rivers, and summarize in a report; (8) Develop a “table poster” for distribution to restaurants, encouraging patrons not to use plastic straws;
(9) Update TREPA’s brochure on local farmers who sell direct to the public; (10) Miscellaneous tasks for Waste Check and other local environmental agencies;
(11) Development and distribution of educational materials related to environmental protection
(12) archiving of TREPA documents;
(13) Preparation of interim and final reports;
(14) Other tasks as specified by the TREPA Board.

Resumes are to be attached to a letter of application, are to be in .rtf or .pdf format, and are to list all references together with their contact information. Applications are to be sent by e-mail to, and are due by Wednesday, June 20 at 6 P.M. Only those selected for interview will be contacted.

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Stewardship Opportunity with Nova Scotia Nature Trust

This in from Karen McKendry of Nova Scotia Nature Trust. Sounds useful and fun:

Hello fellow birders! Karen McKendry here, conservation biologist with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. If you are looking to support bird conservation even more in the province, please consider sharing your excellent birding skills with our volunteer program that relies on birders, called Bird’s Eye View…

The Nature Trust is seeking experienced birders to join one of our field-based volunteer programs, called Bird’s Eye View. These volunteers are asked to visit one or more of our Conservation Lands (there are now 91, found all over Nova Scotia), identify birds, create bird lists, then share them with us via eBird. This helps inform us of important areas for birds on our Conservation Lands, and is a vital part of caring for our protected lands. Occasionally, volunteers are selected to visit properties being considered for protection, and help to gather some of the first biological data collected for these sites.

Bird’s Eye View volunteers are part of the Nature Trust’s official network of volunteer supporters, and as such they receive an orientation to the organization, support from staff, and recognition for the valuable work that they do.

Make your bird lists count by joining the Bird’s Eye View program this spring! Contact to find out more or to apply to be a volunteer.

Karen McKendry
Conservation Coordinator
Nova Scotia Nature Trust

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Haley Road Garbage Cleanup May 22

A TREPA-RBC roadside garbage clean-up will start at 6 P. M. May 22. Meet at the Wesleyan Church Parking Lot, corner of Forest and Haley Road, and work toward the Petrocan Station. Refreshments available!

Many hands make light work. Bring a friend!

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Possible Salvation for Hemlocks

— John Sollows

On Tuesday, April 10. Ron Neville of Canada Food Inspection Agency gave us a very enlightening talk of the threat to hemlocks posed by the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.

In a nutshell, our hemlocks are in serious trouble.

In the U.S., introductions of predators, use of insecticides, thinning, and cuts of affected trees have been tried with varying effect. Regulations prevent some of those approaches in Canada. The threats posed by introduced species of any sort are unpredictable. Pesticides carry their own risk and would require very careful application, in any case. And these little bugs are easily transportable.

I want to raise the idea of collecting hemlock seeds. When I raised the idea with Ron, he seemed positive to the idea, and has shared some information as to how to proceed:

“It is at the Canadian Forest Service Atlantic office in Fredericton and there are some plans in the works to enhance the locations of where seed has been collected. If your group is interested in getting involved, perhaps you could contact them?

“The contact there is Donnie McPhee

Natural Resources Canada
National Tree Seed Centre
1350 Regent Street
Fredericton, NB E3C 2G6

Donnie McPhee
National Tree Seed Centre

So, anyone interested in saving hemlock seeds is advised to contact Donnie McPhee, as detailed above.

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TREPA Annual General Meeting April 17

— by John Sollows

The Tusket River Environmental Protection Association will hold its Annual General Meeting at Lake Vaughan Fire Hall next Tuesday, April 17 at 7:00 P.M. Coffee, snacks, and mingling at 6:30.

Please note two items of special interest:

(1) By-law amendments will be moved for a vote by the general membership. See earlier article (by Dan Earle, dated Feb. 21) for details. These amendments will make our by-laws confirm to provincial regulations, and will be followed by election of the Board of Directors.

Don’t forget to pay your dues before the meeting, if you want to vote!

(2) Our guest speaker will be Mark Wiseman, Sustainability Vice-President of Avalon Mines. This is a chance to learn of Avalon’s plans from the horse’s mouth, rather than second-hand. Feel free to ask questions, express concerns, and make suggestions. Mark is open to all.

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