Proposed TREPA By-Law changes

This notice is to inform TREPA Members of proposed changes to the By-Laws  that will be considered at the AGM on April 18th at the Lake Vaughn Fire Hall at 7:00 pm. The Board of Director’s is proposing these changes to clarify terminology; eliminate redundant and conflicting information in current by-laws, constitution and policy and operations manual; and bring our operating structure description in line with current practices.

As a Member you are entitled to review and comment on the proposed changes and to vote on them at the AGM. If you have questions or suggestions please send them to Dan Earle <>


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Draft of 01/30/16

1.  Name: The society shall be known as the Tusket River Environmental Protection Association, and is a charitable, non-profit environmental organization.

2. Objectives: The objectives of the association shall be immediate and long-term.

The immediate objectives shall be:

(a) to protect the Tusket River and surrounding areas from environmental damage due to pollutants.

(b) to maintain a constant vigil for future environmental hazards.

(c) to work closely with other environmental groups and government agencies to improve environmental legislation so as to better protect the environment.

The long-term objectives shall be:

(a) to respond to all environmental concerns affecting Southwest Nova Scotia.

(b) to educate the public to be environmentally conscious.

(c) to expand membership and increase public support within the community.

3.  Membership: The membership of the Association shall consist of those individuals who subscribe to the Objectives of the Association. General Membership refers to the collective of individual members.

4. Policy and Operations: Policy and Operations is the set of guidelines that govern the day-to-day and long term conduct and operations of the Association

5. Definitions:

(a) Policy and Operations Manual: The published and annually reviewed Policies and Operations – referred to below as the Manual.

(b) Member: An individual who has joined the Association under the terms of the  Manual. Officers and Directors must be Members.

(c) Officers: The officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer as elected or appointed under the terms of the Manual and fulfilling the duties as outlined therein. The Officers form the Executive where that term is used.

(d) Director: An individual elected or appointed under the terms of the Manual and fulfilling duties outlined therein.

(e) Board of Directors: The collective of the Officers and Directors.

(f) Executive Director: A staff position hired by and under the supervision of the Board of Directors fulfilling duties as outlined in the Manual. This is a non-voting position.

(g) Quorum:  At any meeting of the Association a quorum shall consist of five Members.

6. Loss of  Membership or Position: Any Member or Director may be expelled for cause from Membership in the Association by a special Resolution which has been recommended by the Officers and passed by the General Membership. This requires a Special Meeting.

Any of the elected Officers may be removed from office for cause by Special Resolution of the Association passed at a Special Meeting called for that purpose. Such action may be initiated by Directors or Members.

7. Meetings: Meetings are defined as:

a) Board Meetings, held generally monthly, or as called by the Executive, and include the Board of Directors, Members who may wish to attend, and Guests by invitation or agreement of Board Members. The Directors of the association shall be entitled to full voting powers with the exception of the Chairperson who shall cast a vote only in the event of a tie vote.

b) Special Meetings called by Resolution of the  Board or a Petition by 20 Members. If a special meeting is required by the Membership, 30 days notice shall be given to the Secretary of the Association. The Secretary shall then notify the Membership of the special meeting.

c) The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year during the month of March or within sixty (60) calendar days thereafter.

At each Annual General meeting, the following items of business shall be dealt with and shall be deemed to be ordinary business:

•Minutes of the preceding Annual General meeting

•Annual Report of the Directors

•Financial statements including a balance sheet for the previous fiscal year

•Election of Officers for the ensuing year

•Appointment of Auditors when requested by the General membership at an Annual General meeting.

8. Voting: Every Member shall be entitled to attend every meeting of the Association and shall be entitled to vote at all Special Meetings and the AGM.

19. Remuneration: The Officers and Directors of the Association shall not be entitled to any remuneration.

10.  Amendments: Any amendments to these Bylaws must be passed by Special Resolution of ¾ majority of Members present at the meeting for which due notice had been given of the intended amendments.

11. Business: The Board of Directors of the Association shall have the authority to conduct all business of the Association.

12. Borrowing Power: The borrowing powers of the Society shall be exercised by a Special Resolution duly passed by the Membership at a meeting called for that purpose.

13. Books and Records: The books and records may be inspected by any Member  of the Association by contacting the Secretary and arranging an appointment to inspect.

14. Registration: The Secretary shall file with the Registrar of Joint Stocks the names, addresses, and occupations of the elected Directors within fourteen days of their election and a financial statement and a copy in duplicate of each Special Resolution passed by the Association when appropriate


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