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Fracking by-products

Fracking, the splitting of subsurface shale strata to release oil and gas, is a topic of discussion in Nova Scotia. Some of the main issues have been effect on ground water and wells and the disposal of waste water. This … Continue reading

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It can’t happen here?

You know the story…  “oh, happened there, never happen here”. This one is really serious – ocean acidification on the west coast is destroying a resource we have counted on for years. What if there were no Digby Scallops anymore. … Continue reading

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Annual renewal letter and lobster draw tickets

 Click on letter or tickets for larger view and to print

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Interesting environmental lesson

This film shows  how a small change in one environmental factor can have a huge change on the environment. We think we are seeing this in Nova Scotia with the influx of the coyote   having an impact on the … Continue reading

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Coastal action report

This note from Jen Graham, Coastal Coordinator, Ecology Action Centre gives us an update on the latest in coastal matters. We do have group that keeps in contact of which TREPA is a part. Dear fellow coastal champions: I wanted … Continue reading

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