PO Box 103
Tusket NS B0W 3M0


John Morris –  President –

Eko Raharjo – Vice President

Barrie MacGregor-Fenton – Secretary

Debbie Sullivan – Vacant

Members at Large

Mike Raynard    Jennifer Cunningham    Roy Fudge

Virginia Smith    Larry Deveau    Nicola Roberts-Fenton    Jean Cleveland

Dan Earle    Alix Cunningham

Web Contact

Dan Earle –

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  1. Jim Purdy (in Labrador) says:

    It’s good to see this website. Thanks to all of the board and committee members.
    Thanks to you Mil for directing me to the site.
    I use my TREPA experience working with ‘my’ Labrador environmental group, CLEAN………Central Labrador Environmental Action Network.
    Best regards,

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