A fresh look at forestry practices

Forest and Forestry at Windhorse, Fall 2010

In October  and November, there will be a series of three programs exploring the 170 year history, philosophy, and methods of forest protection and commercial forestry at Windhorse Farm. The series may be of interest to TREPA members who own woodlots, would like to pass notice of this opportunity on to others or would just like an experience in enlightened forest appreciation and practice.
The first in the series, October 17-21. Forest Retreat: exploring the magic of the Windhorse forest. During this forest retreat, led by Dan Hessey, Jim Drescher and Crane Stookey, you will be introduced to a variety of methods that the presenters have found beneficial in their own practices of relaxation and wakefulness in the natural landscape (and seascape). While there will be considerable emphasis on stillness and sensory awareness practice, we will also delve more deeply into the material presented by Mr. Hessey during the previous weekend. This will be done through reflection on, and discussion of, the principles of “drala” and “windhorse” as they are encountered in the forest. Beginning Sunday evening and going until after lunch on Thursday, we will spend almost all our time in the forest, although in the event of wet nights, we may sleep indoors. Simple meals will be provided.
Enrichment Forestry, the second program, November 5-7, will be an intensive look into the view of forestry, which has been practiced in this place since 1840. It will serve as an introduction to the Windhorse way of sustainable forestry. The basic principle is “Nothing Missing”, or the experience of no fundamental problem. On that ground, you will learn about the 170-year history of forestry in this place and work with the 16-point forest practice developed at Windhorse over the past 20 years. This weekend program is open to anyone with a genuine interest in forestry or in the work of Windhorse Farm. It is prerequisite for the 4-week horse logging internship, which begins on November 8, 2010, and the cost of the program is included in the fee for the internship.
The concluding section is the 4-week horse Logging Internship, with master horse logger and ferrier, Peter Churchill, Nov 8 – Dec 4. This is for those seriously interested in learning the methods used in the Windhorse way of forestry. No previous experience is necessary. Peter will teach the care of horses, harnessing, hitching, driving, and logging. Jim will provide ecological context and instruction in long-term selection harvest planning. This is an intensive program, with five days/week of teaching, leaving weekends for practice.
A 10% discount is available to anyone registering for all 3 courses.
To enquire about, or register for, any of these programs, contact Steve Murray <steve@windhorsefarm.org>”  or Jim Drescher <jim@windhorsefarm.org”>
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