Looking at climate change effects

The Town of Yarmouth is a partner in the Atlantic Canada Adaption Solution Program (ACAS). The Town and the Municipality of the District of Yarmouth are jointly undertaking a study on the effects of sea-level rise on our coastal communities with Nova Scotia Environment.

Dalhousie University has joined the program and is undertaking three (3) program studies:

1)  An evaluation of social vulnerability and of social assets at risk to climate change impacts;

2) An inventory of the physical infrastructure at risk of flooding due to climate change induced sea level incursion;

3) An evaluation of the municipal capacity to respond to climate change through adaption by undertaking an infrastructure risk assessment, a social asset valuation, and a social vulnerability assessment.

The Dalhousie University Project will run until March 2012 and will be conducted under the supervision of Dr. Patricia Manuel and Dr. Eric Rapaport. They will seek public participation with the community and speak to community groups and organization throughout this time frame.

TREPA is looking into how it may best use its resources to participate in this study.

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