Forest fire report

From Bev Wigney

Here is a link to the story with Phlis McGregor about the recent forest fires that took place on previously harvested parcels of Crown Land. The cause of at least two has been determined to be “tracked machinery sparking on rock” but the cause of the other fires is not being disclosed.

I was interviewed on the topic of whether Nova Scotia should befollowing New Brunswick’s lead of calling a halt to forestry operations on Crown Land during these times of heat and drought. I have several reasons for concern.

First, this is loss of forest when it could be prevented.

Second, it is loss of wildlife that are being destroyed along with habitat during these fires.

Third, all of these larger fires we attended by VFDs from many locations and had their  crews tied up for many hours far from their stations — meaning that this reduced the number of crews that could have responded to structure or other fires near their home ground.

Fourth, I don’t think our typical VFDs are properly equipped to be fighting forest fires.  The New Brunswick article on this topic stated how much equipment they have and I’m certain it is far more than we have here
in NS — and JD Irving is having forwarding machines built to carry big tanks for firefighting.  If even with all of that, they feel the risk in the forests is too great right now, why is NS “not” closing the forests during peak periods of heat and drought?

By the way, I urge people to listen to these segments when they are posted.  I have asked why some of the segments aren’t been posted to listen to later and it’s because not enough people are listening to them.  They choose one or two segments per day to put up online for later listening and if no one is listening to the forestry related ones, they won’t be posted — so do try to listen in.


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