Special Appeal: Attend the Forest Funeral if you can

— John Sollows

If you are free Thursday, October 19 and care about the future of our forest ecosystem, please make it to the Grand Parade in Halifax for 1 P.M. to encourage the government to take sustainable forest management more seriously. Just received the following from one of the organizers:

“Might we see you at the funeral? I know it’s a dreadfully long way to come. I have managed to make it multi-cultural and quite a few Mi’kmaq people are participating. That helps the politicians realize that their poor practices are making everyone angry, not just some small groups. We need everyone there, however. If you can convince others to go, please do. We need you. We need everyone. It is ineffective if only 100 people show up.

“There is no point in rallying anymore after the Independent Review. Our forests will be pretty well gone in a few years in the southwest.”

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