Nature Conservancy Canada visits Yarmouth

TREPA (Tusket River Environmental Protection Association) will be hosting an information session on the work of the National Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in Nova Scotia. Doug van Hemessen, the Stewardship Coordinator for the Nature Conservancy, is making the presentation.

NCC is Canada’s largest, private land trust with over 2.8 million acres of protected land across the country including 34,000 acres in Nova Scotia.

NCC has over 6000 acres of nature reserve in the Tusket watershed and is securing new reserves in the Lobster Bay Area.

Doug will talk about the NCC land and new properties and NCC’s stewardship of these lands with other conservation partners including TREPA. Conservation goals and challenges will be described and the shared interests of the Tusket region conservation community discussed.

All welcome.

Beacon United Church Parlour, Thursday, January 19, 7 P.M

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