Post of interest on our forests

This email is meant to serve as an ‘FYI’, for those concerned (and I am suggesting that everyone copied herein should be concerned).  The following is a link to a discussion, published today, on the Nova Scotia Forest Notes website:
Unlike much of the rhetoric proffered by Nova Scotia’s Government, the information contained within this piece is supported by actual science (check the citations!), and confirmed by NRCan’s own calculations.
When will the people entrusted with stewarding Nova Scotia’s public resources and protecting our shared environment wake up and actually carry out the jobs they have been elected/hired to do?
I would draw particular attention to the following words, taken from the end of this important discussion:
“I would like to think that the scientific staff in the Nova Scotia departments of Natural Resources, Environment and Energy are on top of this issue and regularly inform government ministers and MLAs about the issues and are working with policy staff to develop options for addressing them. However, based on discussions with government ministers, MLAs and bureaucrats over the last year, I have to conclude that is not happening.”
By most predictions, 2017 will be an election year in this province.  I believe it would be a significant mistake for the current government to dismiss the concerns defined in this well supported discussion, as they relate directly to the Ministries of Natural Resources, Energy and Environment.
Food for thought.
Peter Ritchie
Antigonish County, NS
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