Discussion on the past and future of Nova Scotia’s Forests

Join us for an evening of discussions about our Nova Scotia forests, their past and their future!

When? Thursday, Nov. 24 at 7 P.M.

Where? Beacon United Church Parlour

Speaker:  Donna Crossland, Parks Canada

Donna will be giving a presentation on Nova Scotia Forests: How they once were, and how they should be managed, based on natural disturbances and a desire for an ecologically sustainable future. She will also share a message recently provided to the Premier.

Have you been concerned, or are you questioning Nova Scotia’s forest management practices? Do clearcuts seem inherently ‘wrong’ to you? Explore the Acadian forest through the eyes of a forest ecologist; share the perspective of forest-dwelling songbirds and salamanders, while reflecting on better harvest practices for the Acadian forest.

Donna has an M.Sc. in Forestry from U.N.B., and has researched Acadian forest ecology since 1995, with a focus on historical forest composition and natural disturbance regimes, including fire history. Her research concluded that natural fires were rare in the Acadian forest, but repeated European-caused fires altered vast areas of our forests beginning as early as about 1790.

She contributed to vegetation management planning in PEI and Kouchibouguac National Parks, and has more recently focused on the role of hurricanes in NS forests, as well as forest songbird monitoring as indicators of forest health.

During 2009-10, she served on the NS Forest Panel of Expertise, and co-authored with Bob Bancroft: Forests: Restoring the Health of Nova Scotia’s Forests (available on-line).

Donna currently works at Kejimkujik National Park & National Historic Site as a Resource Management Officer.

All welcome, especially if you are concerned about encouraging sustainable forestry practices!

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