Help a barn-owner save his barn swallows

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The barn in question and some of the abundant evidence

Lindsay and Kellie Bethune, 2424 Lake George Road, Yarmouth County, have a small barn, built in 1901, which is well-colonized by barn swallows. Their barn needs a new roof (well, shingles and tar), which will cost an estimated $4000. They don’t have the money to do the job, and progressive health issues limit the ability of both of them to earn much money.

Barn swallows have been listed officially as endangered in Nova Scotia. Their barn seems to hold the last colony in the area.

They own about 4 well-wooded square miles between the road and Lake George, and don’t mind letting folks in to cut, by ox or similar methods. No harvesters allowed.

They also have an organic blueberry you-pick, which doesn’t earn as much as it used to. Business arrangements are possible there, as well.

Lindsay would welcome reasonable financial support, either as a contribution or in exchange for some of the above mentioned resources. Anyone interested in helping out is welcome to contact Lindsay.

Phone is 749-3644. No e-mail.

Also feel free to contact John Sollows at 742-2802.








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