Consultation on Western Crown Lands

Not to be confused with consultation on Parks and Protected Areas, the province is also asking for input on Western NS Crown Lands use. There will be local meetings but you may also comment on-line. See the websites below to get a better idea of the plan and to comment.


Details at:


Submit comments at:



Some points to consider:


  • Protect the remaining Bowater lands that were promised for protection (at least 30,000 acres) and ideally more.


  • Support true Community Forestry by giving community groups large Crown land areas to manage for multiple values. Don’t give it to the big mills.


  • Reduce clearcutting significantly. The opposite of clearcutting is uneven-aged management. A 50% reduction in clearcutting should mean a corresponding increase to 50% uneven-aged management.


  • All harvesting on Crown land should require Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification – at a minimum.


  • Large scale harvesting for biomass/biofuel should be avoided at all costs. No primary harvesting for biomass.


  • Do not commit ALL THE LAND to harvesting leases. Keep at least 1/3 in reserve for other potential uses and opportunities.





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