AGM Overview

For those of you unable to attend the AGM, here is a copy of actions taken at the meeting.

The Annual General Meeting of the Tusket River Environmental Protection Association was held on the 18th of April 2012 at the Lake Vaughan Firewall, Tusket Falls, NS.

Meeting convened at 7:00pm with Dan Earle in the Chair and twelve members present.

Motion by Dan Earle, seconded by Aurel Mooney that the Agenda be accepted as presented. Motion carried.

The Minutes of the 2011 AGM were read and it was moved by Carol Jacquard, seconded by Mil Nickerson that they accepted as written. Motion carried.

Arthur Earle presented the Financial Statements showing an Adjusted Operating Deficit  and  Retained Capital as of the 31st of March 2012. Arthur Earle moved the acceptance of these statements, seconded by Mil Nickerson. Motion carried.  Appendix A.

The proposed Budget for 2012/13 was presented by Arthur Earle, who moved that it be accepted as presented, seconded by Aurel Mooney. Motion carried. Appendix B.

The President’s Annual Report was read by Dan Earle in Margrit Robinson’s absence. This report outlined Trepa’s many involvements and activities over the past year.  Appendix C.

John Sollows presented his Executive Director’s report, giving a rundown of his activities and accomplishments during the year.  Appendix D.

There was no business arising from the Minutes and no new business brought forward.

Mil Nickerson acknowledged that Trepa Board Member, Aurel Mooney, was chosen as Volunteer of the Year. She attended a ceremony in Halifax for this occasion.

Dan Earle noted that Trepa’s website is doing very well with an average of 22 hits per day. Our website is very informative and updated constantly.

John Sollows presented the proposed slate of officers for 2012/13, namely:

President – Mil Nickerson
Vice-President – Dan Earle
Secretary – Carol Jacquard
Treasurer – Erin Comeau

As there were no further nominations from the floor it was moved by Arthur Earle, seconded by Gerald Jacquard that nominations cease and this slate of officers be accepted. Motion carried.

Arthur Earle noted that all offices may be held for a maximum of two years only.

As there was no further business, at 7:40pm John Sollows moved that the meeting adjourn. Following the meeting Gus Greene of Waste Check gave a very informative presentation.

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